Incendiary is a WIP romance Interactive Fiction game made using SugarCube 2.36.1 on Twine. As said, this is a WIP and NOT a finished game. Visit the tumblr!

You have been experiencing more episodes than usual lately and, according to your therapist's strange friends, it's due to your mother's actions. What exactly did she do, and how on Earth do you stop it?

Warnings: Language, Suggestive Humor, Violence

The Romantic Interests

Mark Verlice.

Your sweet and soft-spoken therapist, and someone you've known for seven years now. He's reliable and easy to talk to, but he seems to have a lot going under the surface.

Celaine Shafer.

Your childhood best friend. She's energetic and always ready to help, and her lack of a filter just makes her even funnier to be around. She would do anything for you.

Antonio Garrido.

A friend of Mark's. He's a man of few words and has a "stick up his ass," according to Celaine, but he's a helpful ally. Almost everything he does is carefully calculated, maybe that's something you need to fix.

Nadia Moon.

Antonio's right-hand-woman. She seems far too naive and sweet for the things she deals with every day. Nadia is an optimist through and through, and she always sees the best in everything. You think that's the reason she puts up with any of you.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsPrototype, Romance, Singleplayer, wip
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

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I enjoyed this! But is it possible to up the contrast for the text? The gray text on black background strains my eyes to read. :( Maybe a lighter gray?

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Oh this is good!!! thank you for the beautiful update!<3 and lovely Antonio

ahh thank you so much! im so happy you like it!

(i know im not supposed to play favorites but i love antonio sm)

the story is interesting, but can you give font option, me personally have a hard time reading with the bold and each letter close to each other. Thanks and keep up the good work :D

i appreciate you telling me about it! i'll get that fixed asap (or as soon as i figure out how to lol)

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thank you I appreciate it :D

of course, it's no trouble at all!

Loved reading this! Can't wait for more :)

thank you!